Founder Peter Laurent Announces Launch of New Virtual Reality Gaming Lounge, “The VR Club”

Founder Peter Laurent has announced the launch of “The VR Club”, the first virtual reality lounge in Auckland’s North Shore. A virtual reality animator on several independent VR games, including the hotly anticipated mod ‘Half Life 2 VR’, Peter brings knowledge and a fresh creative energy to demonstrating this futuristic technology in an engaging and welcoming format at the new premises.

“VR is still a commonly misunderstood technology outside of tech enthusiasts,” stated Mr. Laurent. “Once you make it accessible for people, almost everyone intuitively understands how to play and have fun. It’s far more immersive than the coin-op arcades of the 80s or the cybercafes of the 90s, or even the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect of the 2000s, because instead of abstract input from a joystick or mouse, you’re using your body to play the game. You are in the game.”

The key to enjoyable VR, Peter believes, is to remove the technical barriers and focus on what everyone understands: having fun with your friends. Once the headset and controllers are equipped, players can interact with their friends. Want to give your friends a wave, a high five, or a fist bump? Just reach out and do it as you would in the real world.

“A common question I’m asked by people trying VR for the first time is, ‘how do I walk?’” chuckled Mr. Laurent. “It’s a lot fun for everyone watching to see their friends realise that to move in the game you simply use your real legs to walk.”

The focus is on games for now, but the market is set to explode. “Gaming is just the start,” said Mr. Laurent. “VR is going to change every industry. It’s already starting to affect the medical, architectural, automotive, and retail industries. Eventually everyone will be going to the office or school in VR, but it won’t be like today’s telecommuters, it will be as if you’re really there in person.” Peter added, “Businesses will latch onto this as a way to keep workers productive instead of sitting in traffic. It might sound crazy, but rush hour traffic won’t exist in thirty years. As soon as you try virtual reality you can start to see the future potential in all aspects of society.”

The more immediate benefit for New Zealand is showcasing the burgeoning VR games industry. “I’m working directly with local developers to showcase their games at The VR Club. Every game at The VR Club is fully licensed, it’s important content creators are properly compensated for their work,” said Mr. Laurent. “The first game is called ‘Cricket Club’ by developers Verso VR. Players can face bowlers at Wellington’s Basin Reserve without ever leaving Auckland!”

Peter Laurent is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below. ‘The VR Club’ launched on July 13th 2018 at 6A/33 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna (next to The Commons Bar, Haven Skin Spa, and Studio Pilates).

The VR Club