Beat the chill: Restaurants to warm up while dining out

Isn’t autumn delicious? We just love hunkering down in a lovely warm restaurant, ordering a plate of something savoury and satisfying.

So, just for you, we’ve hunted out eight top Takapuna spots to eat up hearty and watch the raindrops run down the windows.

1. Dinner and dessert at Regatta Bar & Eatery

You can’t beat a sea view at any time of year, especially when you can dine on something delectable. With panoramic glass to see the weather (and heaters to stop you feeling it), Regatta is the perfect spot to snug up.

We’re picking the beef short rib with tasty parmesan polenta and eggplant relish and rounding out with the indulgent baked belgian chocolate custard – and we’re asking for a little extra Bailey’s cream for good measure.

2. South east asian delights at Tok Tok

Been a minute since your last trip to Bali? We’re dreaming of that day-and-night heat right now. Head to Tok Tok Takapuna and get a delicious meal with a side of nostalgia for the spice of  South East Asia. Get into a roast duck with hot ‘n’ sour dressing, or a delightful crispy hapuka dry red curry.

On second thoughts, maybe it’s time for a spontaneous trip to Thailand with a serve of Tok Tok’s popping prawns.

3. Heartwarming gnocchi at Al Forno Italian Restaurant

Chilled to the bone? Gnocchi is the answer – and Al Forno is where it’s at for authentic, hand-crafted gnocchi. With leek, gorgonzola and walnuts all in a creamy white sauce, potato has never been so glamorous. 

Also hit the genuine Italian red wine selection – the Phiagia has perfect autumnal tasting notes like rich & fruity, cherries, black currant, coffee & vanilla bean. Just the thing for a long evening indoors.

4. Ramen from Ajisen Ramen

Nothing says comfort like eating a hot bowl of ramen noodles and slurping up piping hot broth.

Topped off with pork, mushrooms and a delicious egg, Ajisen Takapuna’s signature ramen with pork bone broth with roast garlic and onion toasts up your insides a treat. 

5. Feel the heat: Charcoal BBQ at El Humero

Sit at the bar to watch – and feel – the action as the El Humero chefs expertly grill over a glowing bed of charcoals. Try the classic Colombian punta de anca – a lean, flavourful steak barbecued to perfection.

But sometimes the way to wintry satisfaction is eating an unreasonable amount of food. In that case, order up a tomahawk – 900 grams of marinated rib eye on the bone grilled to your taste. You can always tell yourself you’ll share it, right?

6. Miso and donburi : DoDo Sushi & Donburi

Miso soup is just the very essence of satisfying on a cool day. Get your dose of warm, umami goodness at DoDo Sushi & Donburi along with a delicious donburi or Korean-style bibimbap.

Tasty and, as a bonus, really well priced too.

7. Soul food and stout at Elephant Wrestler

Daylight savings has stolen our evening sun once again, so what to do after work? Collar a colleague, call in at the Elephant Wrestler, order yourself some soul food and pair it off with a nice stout. 

We’re eying the warm caramelised onion ciabatta loaf with some southern fried buttermilk chicken – or maybe the beef brisket pizza? And we might just top it all off with a assiduously autumnal apple pie waffle.

8. Biryani and spiced chai from Karam Eatery & Bar

Curry it up at Karam Eatery & Bar. For a country with a climate that melts Kiwis, India has just the perfect cuisine for cold rainy days.

Our move? Hog a whole lamb biryani to a person, along with as many spiced chais as we can get. The good stuff please, vanilla chai need not apply.

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