Roll on the long summer evenings in Takapuna

This time of year in the North Shore feels a little special. Long, languid afternoons that turn into beautiful warm nights, time for yourself, your friends, your family. 

It’s the perfect time for post work treats and a little fun before calling it a night. We get that sweet long summer, December to April, so let’s make the most of it!

Treat yourself to a Duck Island ice cream

Ice cream and summer evening walks on the beach – try and name a better combo. Duck Island Takapuna delivers in spades (scoops?), with top notch cones, old-school ice cream sandwiches and milkshakes.

Going gluten free? Ditched the dairy? Duck Island has you covered with deliciously clever vegan and allergy friendly options.

Picnic, fun and games at the Takapuna Beach Reserve

Get the kids out of the house and hit the epic playground at Takapuna Beach Reserve once the heat of the day has passed. 

It’s always been great, but if you haven’t been here in the last few months you’ll need to check out the new additions like the wheelchair accessible swing, bouncy car and seesaw. Very cool.

And maybe if the kids are good, round out the evening with a cheeky fish ‘n’ chips on the beach.

Grab a cone at Mövenpick and hit the beach

Sun? Sand? Seriously good ice cream? Check, check, check.

Nothing beats catching the last rays of the day with a creamy Mövenpick in hand.

Soak up the rays and enjoy the delightful crunch of the classic Mövenpick freshly baked waffle cone.

Kick it in the garden bar at The Elephant Wrestler

Refresh yourself with a drink, nibbles and live entertainment in the courtyard at The Elephant Wrestler. Chat the night away and watch as the afternoon heat gives way to a delightful balmy evening.

Try something a little nouveau at Frenchy’s Crêpes

Get more than just crêpes with a true expérience française right here in Takapuna.

French ingredients and French speaking staff makes Frenchy’s more than a little unique.

If you’re feeling brave try ordering in French (don’t worry, they’re very kind).

DIY the perfect dessert at KiwiYo

Are you a serial overloader? Or a tactful taste maker? 

Making your own KiwiYo dessert is the perfect indulgence for a long summer evening.

Start with a base of yoghurt, then carefully (or carelessly, we’re not the boss of you) add the fruits, lollies, sauces and sprinkles of your choice.

Catch a film at the Takapuna Beachside Cinemas

Yeah, sometimes the heat is all a bit too much. A nice, dark, cool cinema is the perfect escape.

With a broad mix of blockbuster hits and indie darlings, Takapuna Beachside Cinemas is the place to be. And when you bowl out into a lovely warm evening, you might just feel like a little drink…

Cool off with cocktails in Hurstmere Road

In our books, summer time is mojito time. But you might be more of a piña colada person, or perhaps a rum old fashioned in the sea breeze is just what you need. We recommend starting at The Strand and wandering Hurstmere Road to pick out the vibe that suits you.

Order your cocktail of choice at perennial fave Regatta Bar & Eatery and soak up the lovely ocean views. Hops & Claret does a coconut margarita that will have you feeling positively tropical.

Feeling more like a Sauv? Taylors on Hurstmere has an impressive selection to satisfy any wine aficionado, and Takapuna Bar is rocking a classic range of Kiwi wines and beers.

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