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A Snippet of all going on in Takapuna!

Stunning beachfront dining in Takapuna!

Takapuna Beach is arguably our biggest drawcard, and there’s really nothing quite like sitting down to a meal overlooking the sand and sea. There are three fantastic establishments – Regatta, Tokyo Bay, and Franc’s – sitting right on The Strand, looking out past the pōhutukawa to the beach, Rangitoto Island and the Hauraki Gulf. And then of course there’s the fave local casual coffee, food and gelato spot, Takapuna Beach Café. Get into the island life at Regatta Bar and Eatery They call it Auckland’s little slice of Ibiza. Relaxed vibes, sea views, top-notch wine, beer and cocktails, and a killer seafood menu to boot. Everything is about presentation here, from the award-winning interior design to the white umbrellas and outdoor seating, and the beautifully

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Shane Cortese shares his top food and coffee spots

As we launch our annual Taste of Takapuna celebration of eating and drinking around Takapuna Beach, actor and Harcourts auctioneer Shane Cortese tell us his favourite spots to grab a beer and a pizza, burgers and coffee. A NIGHT OUT “I’m a great lover of shared foods, platters and Italian. So there’s one particular place in Takapuna I go to, it’s a place called Botticelli,” Shane says. “You go in and everybody knows everyone, you walk in the door and they know what you’re ordering. After auctions, we go there on Friday night in Takapuna and have a really good time. “It’s not a massive bar, it’s a small bar. People walk by and say ‘G’day’ while you’re there. Then on the other side of

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Your Takapuna spring fashion guide

Spring has well and truly sprung out there, and with warmer days and lighter evenings, you may well be thinking it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. Celebrate leaving hibernation by getting some sun on your skin and your knees in the breeze. Here are our top fashion picks for the 2022 spring season. The short and short of it No matter who you are, shorts are one of your absolute warm-weather-wear essentials. Comfy, versatile, and they don’t blow up around your ears when a frisky spring breeze swishes by. Federation’s range of bright and bold kid’s shorts brings all the joy to your next warm weekend, and we are absolutely loving the skirt-but-not-a-skirt vibes of this gem, the La La Short. Amazon’s selection ranges from

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Men’s fashion with Federation’s Ben Dundas

COLOUR IT UP! Federation is an iconic Kiwi streetwear brand, based right here in Takapuna and owned by locals Jenny Joblin and Ben Dundas. We catch up with Ben to talk Federation, spring 2022 fashion, and men’s style. We’ll start with a steamy question: what are you wearing today? I’ve actually got a pair of Air Force Ones, but the’yre  a pair of Women’s ones by Flea’s wife. You know, Flea, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ bass guitarist. They’re like a crazy colour combo. I’ve got some black cargo pants, a neon t-shirt and a plaid shirt. Just trying to keep warm but have a bit of summer fun with colour.  It’s tough to find crazy colours for men! Especially in shoes. Yeah I find

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Top spots to stock up on men’s fashion in Takapuna

Whether you’re the kind of guy who takes his fashion very seriously and wants to know the top shops in Takapuna, or you’re the kind of guy who shops exactly once a year and wants to make the trip as efficient as possible (or maybe you’re needing to shop for a guy on your life who needs all the help he can get) – we’ve got you covered with this definitive list of men’s fashion stores with stopping at in our corner of the North Shore. Business attire Dressing for work? Get your hands on a quality suit and tie, or a more modern look like some Chinos and an open-collar shirt. Rembrandt is a perfect balance of style and affordability, with a huge range

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5 tips to de-stress this winter and spring

Winter is on its way out the door and we’re looking forward to longer days, warmer weather and a healthy body, mind and soul. These top tips will help you relax and de-stress after one of the tougher winter’s we’ve faced – and they’re super easy, too. Spend some time taking care of yourself to banish the blues. You’ll be so glad you did. 1: Candles, and lots of them You’ve probably heard of a Danish concept called hygge. It’s all about comfort, cosiness and conviviality, surrounding yourself with warm fuzzies both literal and figurative, and one of the easiest and most popular ways to add a little hygge to your life is with a little bit of candlelight. Stock up on candles, scented or

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Winter hair wellness with Oscar&Co

Oscar&Co is a premium hair salon that has been operating in Takapuna for about 11 years. Last year, Jen Andrews bought it off the original owner Gene. “Gene built it from the ground up, and we thought we could elevate it even further,” Jen says.  The salon has a high-quality feeling to it, a place where you can relax and forget about the stresses of life. The hair artists are super talented – all hair for the stunning model shots on Oscar&Co’s website was done in-house. We had a chat to Jen as part of I Love Takapuna’s wellness month. This month we’re talking about wellness in Takapuna. Is haircare a piece of the wellness puzzle? In these times with Covid and potentially a little

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5 tips to shake off the Winter blues!

Being SAD in winter is a legitimate thing – Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD is most likely caused by the lack of sunlight… it can affect our mood, our health, and our motivation. I know I have days when I walk to work in the dark, and I leave work in the dark… well those days are almost over! Spring is in the air; the days are growing longer and it’s time to drag ourselves out of hibernation and blossom into our fabulous summer selves.  Whether it’s creating a regular exercise routine, eating healthy foods to fuel your body and mind, putting an end to bad habits or if you simply don’t know where to start – here are my go-to habits to get you

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Do you lift bruh? Guide to gyms & fitness in Takapuna

It’s time to take yourself to the next level. Achieve your athletic goal, improve your wellbeing, or get in shape to hit Takapuna Beach when summer rolls around. Whether you’re a weightlifting warrior or treadmill champ, there’s guaranteed to be a gym or fitness centre that’s perfect for your workout style. Keen for some fresh air? Takapuna is the best spot in Auckland to hit the beach for a run, swim, paddleboard, or even an outdoor yoga class. And in a bit of exciting news for the fitspo community, Takapuna now has its own brand new lululemon athletica store – check it out! Hit the outdoor workout area and smash goals at Les Mills A name synonymous with fitness, Les Mills is the gym that

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