Time for a money health check-up?

We’ve got the financial advisors for you!

When we can, us Kiwis love putting cash in the bank. Had a chunky payday from that overtime you did last month? Park that in the savings account. Flicked an old pair of skis on Facebook Marketplace? Nice, that’ll go in. 

But what if you could grow your nest egg a little faster? When it comes to how we handle our money, a little professional help can go a long way. Luckily, we have some of Auckland’s most clued-up financial services for you, right here in Takapuna.

Financial advice for every stage of life

First off the rank for financial success usually looks an awful lot like your first home. Stop in at the ShareNZ Takapuna office for advice that just makes the whole home finance thing easy. They’ll help you navigate the murky waters of saving enough, finding a bank and sussing rates and repayments to find a home loan that suits you. 

And while you’re there, check out their insurance and investment options, and maybe sort your Kiwisaver. Sounds like they do it all, right? That’s because ShareNZ draws on a nationwide network of experts in all sorts of financial fields. They’ve got the right advice, for whatever you’re doing next.

Another local gem is adviceHQ – this is a firm that started out in mortgages, and the team do a fantastic job in this area. They have also branched into financial services: investment advice, Kiwisaver and that sort of thing. adViceHQ will also help out with personal or business loans.

With a solid foundation under your feet (financial and, probably, cement), it might be time to focus on what you want to do next. Glenn, Anna and the team at Quartz Wealth are here to help you line up your money decisions with your lifestyle ambitions. 

As an independent, boutique office, Quartz helps you focus on what’s important in your life and how to get you there. Not sure if your Kiwisaver is in the right place? Wish you had an investment plan to grow your money? Book a free consult with Quartz and get on it.

It’s never too early to start planning your post-work life, and deVere New Zealand can help you plot out the road to a comfortable retirement. Talk to them about how to save, where to invest, and how to best manage money for where you’re at in life. They’re experts in Kiwisaver and UK Pension transfers, so deVere can sort every detail for a retirement with dignity.

The team at deVere believe financial advice is for everyone – give them a call and see how they tailor their service to work with your situation and needs.

Made a wealth platform for you and your family and need somewhere for it to grow? JMI Wealth is perfect for those of us who already have a full schedule, and just wish we had someone trustworthy to look after our hard-earned money. Meet with their team of investment professionals and collaborate to craft a plan just for you. And for the next generation, too.

Better advice, better business

Wish you had a better picture of what’s going on in your business? As technology and finance experts, Flex has a one-stop-shop, high-tech solution for you. Flex’s platform handles all your admin, including accounting, payroll compliance, and tax, while offering you massive insights into your cash flow situation and what’s really making you money. And after Flex has dug up all this informational gold, they’ll help you plan your way to greater success for you and your business.

And of course, we’ve got our own branch of the big hitter in the business advice world: BDO Takapuna. BDO has the full spectrum of accounting, financial and business advisory services, and comes with all the comfort of knowing you’re working with an international powerhouse.

Do it yourself

Maybe you’re of a mind to manage your own investments. We’re big believers in getting good advice, but for the DIY-inclined there are some investment options based right here on the North Shore.

Sometimes simple is good. Takapuna’s own Simplicity is a giant in the New Zealand investing scene – in fact they’re one of six default options for your Kiwisaver. With a handful of straightforward, low-fee funds you can invest directly or through your Kiwisaver. Simplicity makes investing your money easy, and we love their ethical approach to investing – especially how 15% of their fees go to great Kiwi charities.

Fisher Funds is another popular way to move your money into investment. Also based in Takapuna, you can invest in actively managed funds directly or through your Kiwisaver. Fisher Funds has an admirable policy of investing responsibly, so you can rest easy knowing your investment doesn’t support tobacco, weapons, whaling, and other nasty business.

Another local, Pie Funds have market experts managing an array of investment options for you. They believe in what they’re doing – so much so that the Pie Funds team has over $100 million invested right alongside your money. And, we like that they have a responsible investing policy too.

And if you’re looking for banking and Kiwisaver support, of course we’ve got big bank branches here in Takapuna. You can sit down and talk to someone at ASB, ANZ, BNZ and TSB.

Still pondering your money style?

Maybe you’ve got other ideas of where your money is headed. In that case, check out our comprehensive list of financial (and legal) businesses, all based here in Takapuna.

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