7 delicious North Shore lunch deals under $20

Hey you! You’ve been working hard this morning, and now it’s that most special time of day – lunch time. Collar your favourite co-worker and head out for something good in Takapuna.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a wee list of eateries we rate. The dollars count these days, so we’ve picked places where you’ll get change from a twenty. Local, delicious, and easy on the wallet.

Bian Sushi – DIY sushi platter

Keep it straight with classic salmon and teriyaki chicken, or pick a couple of tasty oddballs like oyster or ginger carrot. Bian Sushi lets you build your own ideal sushi plate, piece by piece (we’ve budgeted $18 for ten pieces).

Like your sushi with whole foods? Bian Sushi can make all their classics with brown rice. Whatever you choose, your sushi will be fresh, delicious and the best thing you eat all day. 

Stretch goals: Add a side of umami goodness with some miso ($4).

No. 1 Pancake – savoury delights

Looking for a light lunch that’s a little different? Order up a beef cheese pancake at No. 1 Pancake, and chuck in a double cheese for good measure ($18.80 total). These Korean-style hotteok pancakes are sumptuously savoury and surprisingly filling!

Stretch goals: Mix it up with a Korean red bean pancake ($6). Sweet beans, you ask? Order one, you’ll get it, we promise.

Burger Burger – chicken burger comfort eating

A good burger is just irresistible. We recommend the chicken at Burger Burger. Juicy, zingy, and just the right amount of wild rocket – from the right angle it looks like a healthy lunch to us! Located in the fabulous Eat Street, the perfect great place to bring a picky co-worker who just can’t make their mind up.

Stretch goals: Curly fries with homemade aioli ($11). Curly. Fried. Potato. Enough said.

Ajisen Ramen – big ol’ bowl of noodles

Something hot and filling is just the ticket on a cold day – and Ajisen Ramen’s signature dish ($19) is guaranteed to hit the spot. Broth that’s just the right amount of thick and savoury, a good serve of noodles, chashu pork and an egg to boot – it’s satisfaction in a bowl.

Stretch goals: A side of lightly salted edamame ($6).

Takapuna Fish Shop – classic Kiwi feed

Wait, is it sunny outside? Make the most of it!

Order up a serve of snapper and chips ($15.40) from Takapuna Fish Shop, lock in a bench at the Reserve and soak up the sun. Pro tip – phone ahead and beat the queue.

Stretch goals: At $2.30, the classic pineapple fritter is barely a stretch, is it? Slap one in the order for a tasty treat to round out your lunch.

Box’d – delightful light meals

Check out Box’d for fresh, simple, beautifully presented Korean food. We’re eyeing up the Jeyuk spicy BBQ pork mini box ($17.90) – scratch that, the Kimchi stew with pork ($19.50) looks too good to pass up!

Stretch goals: Bump to a square box ($25.00) and get two sides – our pick is a dessert and some tasty Korean sides.

Eat Now – just like being back in Hanoi

Everything at Eat Now is amazing. It’s famous for it’s Hanoi-style Phở broth ($15.90) which, if you’re a connoisseur, you know is difficult to get juuust right.  Grab some summer rolls for $4 and you’re still cruising in for less than a kārearea note.

Stretch goals: It’s legitimately hard to spend more than $20 here – everything is such great value. But we do recommend adding in a classic Vietnamese iced coffee for $5.

Still hungry?

The good news is there’s loads more wonderful lunchtime eateries in Takapuna. And just for you, we’ve put them all into a gigantic list right here. Happy eating!

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