At last… a clothing brand for tween girls!

New Zealand’s first clothing brand for 8 to 14-year-old (tween) girls was recently launched online at

Exclusively designed and made in New Zealand, the inaugural Talula collection is boutique, stylish and easy wearing – perfect for the summer holidays.

It’s also designed with a big emphasis on practicality and function; stretchy materials, lace-up backs, adjustable straps.

Talula promises exceptional quality and a personal touch. All items are made locally in small runs, each garment made with care by the same person. (The name of the machinist will be signed on the care label in the side seam of each garment). And each fabric in the collection has been wash tested.

The new tween wear brand is the brain-child of Auckland mother of three, Ingrid Gordon, who not only noticed the lack of stylish, age-appropriate and functional clothing for tweens, but for years has looked for a way to fix it.

“I see a huge gap in the clothing industry for developing girls, who can’t fit standard lines and sizes” says Ingrid. “In many cases, girls go from a size 8 child to an adult size 10. Who wants to put an 8-year-old girl into clothing for a small woman?

“Then there’s the issue of fit. Much of the clothing that is available for this age group fits a standard size. Lots of young girls are not a standard size – and trying to fit into something that is not accommodating is simply not flattering and definitely does nothing for their confidence.

“I founded Talula to provide New Zealand girls with clothes they want to wear. Hopefully it gives them a big confidence boost at the same time, because it fits, and they look great!”

The designer behind Talula’s 2018 spring collection is Jayne Gower, former head designer of the iconic New Zealand brand Thornton Hall.

Jayne emphasises that Talula designs will always be age-appropriate but a little big edgy: “to keep both our parents and the girls happy!”

And where does she draw inspiration? “Everywhere! I’m always looking, looking, looking” says Jane. “Talula came from all over the show… Vintage. What’s currently fashionable. Industrial. This collection is a little bit special, quirky and different to what is available everywhere else.”

With a tagline of “The Tween Collective”, Ingrid’s plan is for Talula to be much more than just a clothing brand.

Promoting positivity, caring for others and the environment, as well as self-confidence, she hopes Talula will evolve into a tween community, where the girls support each other and can focus on having fun.

Talula is fun-loving and girlie, confident with a little bit of sass. Naturally gorgeous. And they’re proudly based in Takapuna!
Visit them at their pop-up shop – 1A/21 Hurstmere Road – they’re only here ‘til 24 December. Otherwise, you can find them online at
You can also follow Talula Tween Wear on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.