As the commercial heart of the North Shore, Takapuna Beach is the thriving financial district of New Zealand’s fourth largest local authority. All major trading banks, building societies, insurance/mortgage companies and general financial service providers are represented in the area.

Complementing these businesses are numerous professional service providers including legal, medical, dental and related health and wellbeing practitioners. Add in the major players in the commercial and residential real estate industry and a growing education sector, and you can see why Takapuna Beach is the economic backbone of the northern Auckland region.

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Browse all the service businesses in Takapuna through the categories below.

Vitality Works

Vitality Works, Level 1, 3, Byron Avenue, Takapuna, Auckland

0800 222 949

Vocus Communications

Vocus Communications, Level 2, 1, The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland

09 930 1290


52-56 Anzac Street, Shore City, Takapuna

(09) 486 1167

WBB Chartered Accountants Ltd

WBB Chartered Accountants Ltd, Level 1, 111, Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland

486 7020

Web Digital

Web Digital, Level 1, 3, Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland New Zealand

09 390 1010

Websterlaw Limited

Websterlaw Limited, 505, Lake Road, Westpac Building, Takapuna, Auckland

09 489 3015

Westpac Takapuna

Westpac Takapuna, 505, Lake Road, Takapuna Beach, North Shore

09 488 4361

White Smile Dental

White Smile Dental, 15, Hurstmere Road, Building 15-17, Takapuna Beach, Auckland

0800 433 777

Wiltshire Property Group Ltd

Wiltshire Property Group Ltd, Ground Floor, 6, The Strand, Colmar Brunton Building | 6-10, Takapuna Beach, Auckland

09 489 7842

Winstone Pulp International Ltd

Winstone Pulp International Ltd, 2, 507, Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland

+64 9302 1187

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer, Level 2, 8, The Promenade, 8-12, Takapuna, Auckland

09 488 2760

You Travel Takapuna

You Travel Takapuna, 2, Northcroft Street, Takapuna Beach, Auckland

(09) 486 1625


ZephyrIT, L1/8b, 128, Hurstmere Road, Hurstmere House, Takapuna, Auckland

+64 21 522 362

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