Get your night started off the right way inside one of the best bars in Auckland, right here in Takapuna. We’re not afraid to say that Takapuna bars are among the best on the North Shore. If you’ve just knocked off after the 9-5 and are searching for a North Shore pub, we’ve got pints at the ready inside our Takapuna bars.

Heading out for a night on the town? Cocktails aplenty are here to shake things up for you at our array of bars in Takapuna. There really is something for everyone, with quality dining options on offer to complement your beverage – Takapuna bars provide fine food and drink all under one roof. We’ve got space for you and all of your friends to relax and enjoy, so settle in for another round and get ready for an evening of fun.

The Best North Shore Bars  

There’s no trouble finding a spot that caters to you and your crew when it comes to the variety of Takapuna bars on offer. We’ve got some of the best live music bars in Auckland right here in Takapuna, so come along for a jam session and pop up on the open mic night!

If you’re ready to get up and dance the night away, Takapuna clubs know how to get the beats pumping. Drinking and dancing go hand in hand and Takapuna bars manage to get it just right every time. Get ready for the fun to last all night long, Takapuna bars are here for you to get the party started. You’re not far from a good time when you’re at one of our local bars in Takapuna, prepare to be welcomed in at the door. You’re never a stranger when drinking among friends, Takapuna bars are ready and waiting for you with open arms and a fresh top-up.

CarbonSix Distillery

CarbonSix Distillery, Ground Floor, 16B, Como Street, Takapuna, Auckland

022 027 4221

Catch 21

Shop 8, 33-45 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna

(09) 484 0005

Catnapper Arms

Catnapper Arms, 136, Hurstmere Road, Takapuna Beach, Auckland

09 486 6330

Florrie McGreals Irish Pub

Florrie McGreals Irish Pub, 138, Hurstmere Road, Takapuna Beach, North Shore City

09 486 6330


Franc's, , 20, The Strand, Main Beach, Takapuna , North Shore

09 418 0016

Monterey Lounge Cinema Takapuna

Monterey Lounge Cinema Takapuna, 32, Anzac Street, Building 32-34, Takapuna, Auckland

09 666 0714

Obsidian Wines

Obsidian Wines, Ground Floor, 6, The Strand, Colmar Brunton Building | 6-10, Takapuna Beach, Auckland

+64 9 372 6100

Regatta Bar & Eatery

Regatta Bar & Eatery, , The Strand, Main Beach, Takapuna, Auckland

09 488 0040

Taylors on Hurstmere

Taylors on Hurstmere, 168, Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland

09 489 9510

The Elephant Wrestler

The Elephant Wrestler, 138, Hurstmere Road, Takapuna Beach, Auckland

09 489 8030

The Takapuna Bar

The Takapuna Bar, 2, Anzac Street, Takapuna Beach, Auckland

09 486 2666

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