Bakeries & Catering

Celebrations are sorted with cakes on the North Shore available from Takapuna bakeries. Never miss a birthday or anniversary with our cakes delivering you fine sugary goodness.

If you’re after more of a dine and dash, pies on the go are here to be found at Takapuna bakeries. For authentic French patisserie, we’ve got bakeries that cater to you. High quality cakes and desserts are made at our cake shops in Takapuna. There really is a sweet treat for every occasion! Not to mention bread, sandwiches, cookies, and other traditional baked catering options. Our Takapuna bakeries are all local institutions, serving up Kiwi classics all day every day.

Spend a little time choosing the perfect afternoon treat or wake up bright and early and follow the scent of fresh bread through the streets to find Takapuna bakeries on your doorstep. They’re always coming up with new delectable flavours to entice your tastebuds, Takapuna bakeries know how to stay on top! What might you find inside your brown paper bag of baked goodness? Whatever it may be, coming from a Takapuna bakery, it is sure to be tasty. We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed by all the deliciousness that’s on offer, our local bakeries fully cater to every hungry mouth to feed.

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