WBB Chartered Accountants Ltd

159 Hurstmere Road (Level 3), Takapuna

At WBB we believe our business is not just about numbers; it’s about people. We want our clients to achieve success in their business.

We are here to help people realise their dreams; to help them manage their business to achieve greater returns so that the business gives them what they want for their lives and their family.

Our clients come to us because they want more from their accountant. They want a partner who can bring a fresh perspective to the critical issues that surround their business. We are here to help provide personal support and professional guidance.

Every aspect of WBB’s services are designed and developed to exceed client expectations. We call this “Delivering extraordinary care”. Where required, we will seek the assistance of our special partners who complement our team and share our commitment of service to our clients.

WBB is committed to systems “ systems enable people to think “how can we do this better?” rather than “how do we do this?” These systems have created a highly capable team, keen to work with our clients to extend boundaries through thinking laterally and using diverse skills to find solutions. In short, delivering extraordinary care.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your needs.

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