Trade Window Limited

Level 4/33-45 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622

TradeWindow is a purpose-built digital ecosystem that has resulted from intensive and intimate work with selected trade partners throughout the trade value chain.
The system was born out of a desire to identify how and where the latest and most sophisticated digitalisation technology could help refine trade practice. The goal was to eliminate the inefficiencies and frustrations (trade processing pain points) within the trade sector, by creating a unique super interconnected ecosystem that unifies the use of data.

Allowing access and utilisation by existing legacy digital trade systems used by the myriad of partners that operate within the practice value chain. By providing a system that allows multiple use of single-entry data across all systems, TradeWindow has found a way to bring unprecedented transparency, security, accuracy, speed and collaboration to all trade partners in all aspects of trade processing.

Additionally, our bespoke data security system provides further valuable insight into how and when data is being used, allowing for greater understanding of user needs and the building of more empathic and robust relationships. These all lead to a more effective and efficient approach to trade processing and standardising throughout what it is now – a trade data user network.

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