Sweet Chimney & Elephant Ears

Sweet Chimney & Elephant Ears, 40, Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland

Welcome to ‘Sweet Chimney & Elephant Ears’.
We are a Takapuna-based family business making traditional, handcrafted chimney cakes and delicious Hungarian fried bread.
Chimney cakes are our oven-baked delicacy coated with ten different flavours, such as cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, walnut, caramel, almond and more.
Our fried bread is called ‘Elephant Ears’ named after the shape of the product. They come with savoury toppings on a crunchy, puffy golden base.
Both unique in their own way.

You can find these authentic products at the Takapuna Market every Sunday morning and at Takapuna special events. Come along with friends and family and grab some chimney cakes and fried bread for brunch or lunch.

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