RESPECT (formerly – Living Without Violence)

RESPECT (formerly - Living Without Violence), 431, Lake Road, Richardson Center, Takapuna, Auckland

Respect (formerly known as North Harbour Living Without Violence) is a charitable organization founded in 1994 to help prevent family violence and abuse on the North Shore.
We do this by providing the following services:
– Men’s Stopping Violence Programmes (for male perpetrators of domestic violence)
– Women’s Support and Education Programmes (for women affected by domestic violence)
– Women’s Anger Management Programmes (for women dealing with issues of anger/abuse/violence)
– Children’s Support and Education Programmes (for children/teenagers affected by domestic violence)
– Children’s and Teenager’s Anger Management Programmes (for children/teenagers dealing with issues of anger/abuse/violence)
– Family/couples sessions for families/couples dealing with issues of anger/abuse/violence.

We are the only provider of men’s, women’s and children’s services around domestic violence on the North Shore. We work closely with the Police, Community Probation, Family Court, District Court, and North Shore Women’s Centre.

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