Kaizen Kiwi

9 Byron Ave, Takapuna

Kaizen Kiwi - growing businesses through continuous improvement, Business strategy, analysis and business development,

Kaizen Kiwi is a globally-minded New Zealand-based boutique agency, working in the areas of Strategy, Analysis, and all types of Business Development.

With many years of international experience, we take a large-picture approach for SME’s, identifying opportunities locally as well as internationally, to guide your business moving forward, reaching new heights. We coach business leaders not only on how to improve existing processes but also on identifying new opportunities in the marketplace. Marketing strategy and online presence are important parts of the whole picture, and we work hard to optimise your current setup and offering. Storytelling is a big part of what we do. We leave no stone unturned.

Kaizen Kiwi works mainly with businesses heavily reliant on their online presence for sales and lead generation, while selling or promoting products or services online. Our work is done through specific project work, ongoing coaching, workshops, or a combination of all. Kaizen Kiwi is a registered business provider of the Regional Business Partner Network, and currently offers a course for owners and senior business leaders through their Management Capability Programme.

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