JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme

JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme, Level One, 1, Byron Avenue, Takapuna, Auckland

How much more could you save?
The JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme helps put more money in your pocket, as well as making KiwiSaver easy to understand.
KiwiSaver is a long-term savings scheme where your money gets invested. This means you can get returns on your money. If you contribute to your account regularly, your employer and the government will also give you money.
You can use the cash to help buy your first home, or to help fund your retirement.
The JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme is like no other. With low, fixed monthly fees expressed in dollar terms, actively managed funds, a focus on financial education and a dedicated client services team based in Takapuna, our aim is to help all Kiwis build a better financial future.
Our investment team aims to outperform the market, to help grow your KiwiSaver balance.
We’re socially conscious too. We look at environment, social and governance factors when we invest, because we know these things are important to many Kiwis.
Visit junokiwisaver.co.nz to discover the JUNO difference.

Disclaimer: Pie Funds Management Limited is the issuer of the JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme. You can read our Product Disclosure Statement at www.junokiwisaver.co.nz

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