Intrahealth Systems New Zealand

Intrahealth Systems New Zealand , Level 5, 19, Como Street, BDO Tower, Takapuna, Auckland

Innovative technology, sensible application
A common-sense approach to managing healthcare communities, supported by leading-edge technologies. Intrahealth’s suite of solutions can be tailored to meet unique needs and applied in a variety of environments.

Health Authorities, Health Boards & Primary Health Organisations
Hospitals, Public Health & Outpatient Centres
Community, Public, and Mental Health Services
Defence Medical
Justice & Corrections Health
Indigenous Health
Multidisciplinary Care Centres
GPs & Specialists

Our Vision
Health systems are inexorably shifting to earlier intervention in the disease life cycle, making management structures and information coordination more important than ever. In a fragmented primary and community care environment, Intrahealth’s systems offer structure and support to supplement acute side delivery.

Flexible and Innovative Solutions
Our goal has always been to build a world best-practice electronic medical record system, combined with a flexible management system, able to function across multiple community-based practice types “ primary care, specialist physician, community care, home care, residential care, and more.

Our systems meet the needs of front-line professionals by delivering core information to coordinating hubs, implementing programs more rapidly, and reducing the compliance burden on doctors and other clinicians who are quickly being overwhelmed and suffering œdeath by initiative.

Rather than meeting just the immediate needs of healthcare providers, we help them capture structured data that holds context, meaning, and can be analyzed and processed automatically.

Our Platform
When developing our systems, Intrahealth’s team analyzed the needs of healthcare markets in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. Observing trends and identifying challenges in health delivery, we determined how a single product set could work across many different segments.

The result is a highly flexible, platform-based approach that is applicable for offices and enterprises.

Saves valuable clinical time by streamlining processes.
Improves clinical and practice outcomes.
Creates high quality and legible notes.
Helps healthcare providers avoid clinical mistakes.
Moves towards a paperless healthcare setting.
Integrates with third-party applications.

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