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Is your business ready to leverage the power of analytics, integration, and automation, enabling them to become data-driven organisations capable of utilising high-quality insights to drive growth in sales, retention, and productivity. Let Datagems guide on your journey, we can help you navigate the intersection of business and technology to identify opportunities for enhancing business performance across key KPIs.

Datagems is proficient in delivering outcomes within constrained budgets and timelines, and equipped to furnish organisations with the tools for successful self-service and internal capability growth. Our expertise includes

As Looker Studio partners and Tableau experts, Datagems understands the power of dashboards and data visualisation when done correctly. Good data visualisation should easily communicate metrics and insight to users, whether it is showing a trend on a chart or highlighting business exceptions. The art and science of data visualisation is about making it easy for people to relate and engage with data and to make data-driven decisions. Using Dashboard tools such as Tableau or Looker Studio allows businesses to standardise business KPI’s and easily share insight with the right stakeholders at the right time without having to rebuild the insight every single time enhancing the user experience and allowing for deeper data exploration.

Combining data from systems, sources and formats across your business into a unified and coherent view can unlock significant business benefits. Whether you want to adopt a no code, low code, full code or a mix in between, Datagems specialises in bringing those disparate data sources together. We can help you transform data from a wide range of internal and external sources, including databases, applications, spreadsheets, web services, cloud platforms and more.

Successful data integration provides a comprehensive and meaningful representation of information within your business, enabling access and analysis for decision-making. When you join our technical expertise with your business knowledge, together we unlock deeper insights driving your business forward.

Great data strategy aligns your data-related activities with your overall business goals. In business today we have never had so many choices for automating and integrating all of our systems and processes, generating data at a scale that is appropriate for your business. This makes it even more important to have a well-defined data strategy to outline your business’s approach for collecting, storing, managing, using and leveraging data to achieve your business objectives. Datagems can help you determine what data is important, how you are going to collect, store, manage and most importantly how will you leverage this. Datagems can work with you to help build your data-driven roadmap.

Ensure your data will be utilized as an asset to drive growth in sales and retention. With great data strategy you can set the foundations for your decisions to become data-driven ensuring better outcomes for your business.


Have you got a system upgrade in the pipeline but aren’t sure where to start or just how big the job is is? Let Datagems manage your data migration. There are lots of processes to consider with a data migration including planning, assessing existing data, mapping data relationships, extracting, transforming, and loading data into the new system. Testing and validation are critical to ensure data accuracy and functionality in the new environment. Careful planning and execution are essential to minimize risks and ensure a successful migration while maintaining data integrity. At Datagems we can help you every step of the way. We have significant data migration experience in financial and CRM systems and a well executed data migration often uncovers unrealised gains in productivity and business processes

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