Buildsafe Security of Payment Trustee Company Limited

Buildsafe Security of Payment Trustee Company Limited, Ground Floor, 9, Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland

BuildSafe helps protect your financial interests when you are building a new home and helps builders, contractors, developers, and suppliers get paid what they are entitled to by holding money safe until the work is properly completed.
BuildSafe can reduce your risks and help make your building project less stressful as you do not need to worry whether the builder will complete the job or, if you are the builder, whether the owner has the money to pay.
BuildSafe can be used when you are building a new house, redoing your kitchen or bathroom, doing a renovation or addition, a deck, new windows…any project where you are required to pay a deposit.
BuildSafe can also help keep your retentions safe by holding them in its trust account until they are due to be released to you.
The cost of BuildSafe is minimal especially when you consider the risk of not using BuildSafe. The cost ranges from $50pp to $350 for projects over $1m.
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