Bamboo Spa Limited

Bamboo Spa Limited, 2, 475, Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland

Inspired by the Founders’ homeland, Bamboo Spa Limited is the first Filipino-owned massage spa in New Zealand. Established in October 2016, the Company pioneered its first branch in Henderson, Auckland. This have 8 massage bed cubicle and currently cater for massage, scrub and nails services.

In less than 2 years of operation, we have opened the following branches across New Zealand:
Bamboo Spa Christchurch- “ opened 15 June 2017
Bamboo Spa Onehunga “ opened 3 February 2018. (1st Franchise branch)
Bamboo Spa Takapuna Northshore “ opened 26 August 2018
Bamboo Spa Hamilton “ opened 1 September 2018 ( 2nd Franchise Branch)

Since then, the Company upholds being the Home of Filipino Traditional Massage, commonly known in the Philippines as “Hilot”.

The Founders, who are two entrepreneurs and spa-enthusiasts, took the journey of introducing and promoting Hilot in New Zealand and so far, not only Filipinos but other nationalities welcomed and appreciated this ancient way of healing and our massage has been part of their lifestyle.

Bamboo Spa Limited offers reasonably priced, quality and professional massage services which are not just limited to Hilot but also other traditional massages such as Swedish massage, foot and leg reflexology, and body scrubs treatments for an overall relaxation and pampering. The techniques and sequences of each service were uniquely formed and were skillfully taught by a veteran and licensed masseur who had travelled to New Zealand from the Philippines.

Bamboo Spa Limited welcomes all clients as we aim to make known to offering affordable relaxation in New Zealand. Bamboo Spa Ltd therapists were trained by an experienced and licensed therapist from the Philippines. Our signature massage Hilot follows basic natural principles and tailors the healing session to everyone’s unique healing needs. All the massage sequence and strokes are studied and skillfully practiced in our intention to provide overall relaxation and satisfaction to all
our customers.

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