Age School

Age School, 2, Sanders Street, Takapuna, Auckland

Welcome to a new way of learning “ and thinking about learning. AGE School is a boutique urban school in Takapuna, designed for children from year 1 to 10 who thrive in smaller class sizes. A place where care for each other and the environment goes hand in hand with learning that goes well beyond the national curriculum.

We celebrate the individual in every student. Our small size and teacher to pupil ratio means we can offer what other schools can’t “ personalised learning based on your child’s interests. We can get to know your child well and offer a high level of support to help them excel and thrive in their passions.

Combining the best of New Zealand’s approach to education with the latest thinking from international education innovators, our learning model is designed to let your child embrace who they truly are “ not what traditional education thinks they should be.

Because our world will need a new generation of leaders who think, feel and act very differently. So we ask, what would the future look like if we embraced the best in each and every student?

To unlock this potential, our learning coaches team up with NZ innovators and inspirational business people to mentor students on projects that stretch them well beyond the four walls of a classroom. This helps students understand how important technology, entrepreneurial thinking and creativity are in the world they’re growing up in, and gives their work that much more meaning.

These strengths are critical for our future world, where innovation and an awareness of the environment go hand in hand. With much of our time spent outside the school within our community and natural environment, our passion for real-world learning is a very real part of student life too. Research, yoga, beach activities, sustainability and skiing are just some of the ways students spend their time.

So if your child needs a more nurturing and personalised learning environment, talk to us today to arrange a visit. You’ll see yourself just how different learning feels at AGE School.

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