You can still beach it in winter in Takapuna!

You think the beach is just for summer? Nah! We know you can have a wicked time on the beach on a crisp winter’s day – you just need a few more layers of clothing and an adventurous spirit. So grab your mates and whānau, rug up and hit beautiful Takapuna Beach for some winter fun.

Get physical

Get the blood pumping and ignite your endorphins with some energetic exercise. Rally a team for a game of beach volleyball, soccer, and the timeless beach favourite, frisbee. Lace up and go for a run along the shoreline – it’s even better without the crowds. Alternatively, indulge in a more serene tempo with beach yoga or the graceful movements of tai chi. Seize the outdoors, embrace winter fitness, and hit the sand.

Get wet

Come on, it’s not even that cold! They make wetsuits for a reason, and winter in Takapuna brings excellent opportunities for adrenaline enthusiasts to take to the water and ride the waves. Grab your paddle boards, windsurfers and water toys for some ocean adventure. A sunny winter’s day along the coast is absolutely spectacular.

Go beachcombing

A leisurely walk along the beach does wonders for the soul. Breathe in the fresh air, and scour the sand for unique and beautiful shells that make great decorations. Make it into a game for the kids by searching for specific shells or sea glass types.

Then wander down to the lava forest at the north end of Takapuna Beach and check out the volcanic rock pools, where you’ll find heaps of fascinating fossils and sea creatures.

Credit: NZ Herald – Michelle Hyslop

Just chill

There’s literally never a better time to get some quiet enjoyment of Takapuna beach.

Plonk yourself in the sun and catch up on your reading list.

Plus, kids don’t care what time of year it is – if you’ve got the little ones with you, they can let their creativity shine with some relaxed sandcastle building and sand art.

And sometimes there’s nothing better than doing nothing – just being still and soaking up the picturesque views of Rangitoto Island.

Enjoy the views

If you’re one of those people that just must be inside, warm and dry, hey, we get it. This is still one of the best urban centres in the country for enjoying a coastal view.

Head down to one of the local cafés and grab a hot drink and a tasty sweet treat to round off a fabulous day on the North Shore.

We recommend Regatta Bar & Eatery, Franc’s Bar & Diner, and of course Takapuna Beach Cafe.

For more things to see, do and entertain in Takapuna – no matter the weather or temperature – check out our activities and top 10 things to do in Takapuna pages!

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