How to “Support Local”?

We all want to help our local businesses recover from this hard lockdown, but how do we practically do this in the most effective way?

Here are some quick and easy ways you can “Support Local”

  • Write a positive review of your experience on google, their website or local information site.

  • Share your experience on your social media and community pages to encourage others to support the business.

Nanam Sharing Platter
  • Go back to working in the office as soon as you can, supporting local by going out for lunch most days.

  • Purchase those new clothes, sunglasses or shoes from a local retailer (contactless works great), rather than a big international.

  • Book in extra early to have your hair cut, nails done or a massage in your local centre.

  • Visit a local business website/Facebook page and learn more about who they are, who works there and their story.

  • Contact local politicians and encourage them to support local businesses with funding and policies.

  • Thank local businesses and compliment them to keep their spirits high.

  • Think more about where your money goes with each purchase – eg. who owns the business, where do they get their supplies, and who does the business support?

  • Be COVID-19 smart! Get vaccinated, scan in, wear a mask, practice hand hygiene & stay home and get a test if you are sick.

Helping local businesses supports our community. Owners are usually locals, their kids go to local schools, money goes back into local projects/business, and you get to keep a town centre active for you to enjoy for years to come.

Hurstmere Road, Takapuna with lots of people, sunny and temporary ice-skating rink

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