Amanda Kenny is store manager at CUE/Veronika Maine in Shore City. She has lived on the Shore for 14 years and worked for CUE/ Veronika Maine for 12 years. She answers some questions about the Veronika Maine brand at Shore City.

Please tell us about Veronika Maine at Shore City?

The company I work for is exciting, and the garments luxurious and made with perfection. As a business CUE/Veronika Maine can turn fashion around in four weeks to suit customer needs and developing trends, which is exciting for me and my team. Renowned for technical innovation and high quality finishes, Veronika Maine celebrates the art of fashion. A strong design ethic and innovative energy combine to create a modern approach to dressing.

What do you like about working at Veronika Maine in Shore City?

The mix of my customers and their trends. Veronika Maine has weekly drops of fabulous fashion with only limited stock on individual styles which makes it exciting for customers. Our customers also know that because it’s fast moving and limited stock, they will not see these items on anyone else!!

When did Veronika Maine arrive in Shore City?

Veronika Maine arrived to sit along our CUE brand in 2018. Together with Shore City we felt that Veronika Maine was a perfect luxury fit for customers who wanted real quality.

Please tell us a bit about your customers - who dresses in Veronika Maine?

Customers who shop at Veronika Maine and Shore City are of many different styles: stylish, modern, chic, working mum and housewife. The diversity means my team and I can really tailor to each customer’s needs.

Please tell us a bit about the latest fashion trends and what we can expect from Veronika Maine?

Autumn and winter are defined by signature quality fabrics and sleek silhouettes; effortless and modern [styles], to give your wardrobe a renewed focus. We have rich colours and unique details to inspire your style this season. It’s all in the detail: pearls and stones add the perfect finishing touch.

What advice do you have for customers wanting to look their best as summer merges into autumn?

Come in to see me and my team at CUE/Veronika Maine Shore City for a complimentarystyling session. We have many styles that cater to every customer’s needs. We really look forward to seeing you in store.


CUE/Veronika Maine - Shore City
Level 2, Shore City Shopping Centre, Anzac St .


Article By: Christine Young

Issue 96 March 2019. Click HERE to view the article in Channel Magazine online.