Outdoor photography exhibit

Takapuna is proud to host an outdoor street photography exhibition by the Auckland Festival of Photography, presented by Image Auckland and I Love Takapuna. The exhibition is a selection of the best images from Auckland Photo Day, which celebrate Auckland and its culture.

Auckland Photo Day is a community engagement project initiated in 2004 by the Auckland Festival of Photography as a way to build democratic visual cultural currency and build an inclusive and equitable arts and cultural environment.

Since its inception, over 14,000 images have been taken by thousands of Aucklanders and now form an archive of ‘a day in the life’ – who we are on one day, 24 hours every June.

Celebration of Auckland and its Culture – exhibit

The selection on display throughout Takapuna is a bespoke outdoor exhibition of Auckland Photo Day images to share with the Takapuna community. Presented by Image Auckland as part of the a new cultural initiative of diversity, inclusion and equity.

The Auckland Festival of Photography is a leading contemporary art and cultural event which takes place within Auckland’s major galleries, project spaces, non-gallery venues and public sites during June each year.

The Festival encourages participation from people of all walks of life to share their unique stories through the democratic medium of photography. In the last 18 years, over 1 million visits have been made to over 1250 exhibitions and events that have been presented, partnered and attended since 2004.

So why not add some photography to your next walk, shopping trip or coffee date! Take a walk around Takapuna to view the photographs on shop frontages and windows – here are the locations:

  • 1 The Strand
  • 13 Hurstmere Rd
  • 25 Hurstmere Rd
  • 33 Hurstmere Rd
  • 55 Hurstmere Rd
  • 99B Hurstmere Rd
  • 100 Hurstermere Rd
  • 122 Hurstmere Rd
  • 138 Hurstmere Rd
  • Shore City (from 29 Nov) – Como St entrance

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