Back to the office: Time to make a move

With the country now learning how to live with the current situation, it’s time to make a move. Back to the office, back to your city and town centre and to enjoying all the fun and unique things that come with it.

From delicious barista-made coffees to the return of team morning teas, and the abundance of choice that comes with what to have or lunch. Celebrate that your neighbours are once again, great cafes, restaurants and eateries. There’s so much to rediscover – like new public spaces and retail stores, and of course, all the great bars nearby – because let’s face it, real drinks beat Zoom drinks, period!

Plus, there’s nothing quite like face-to-face collaboration with colleagues for bouncing around ideas. Whether it’s at the water cooler, or in the boardroom, team work beats home work and it’s fantastic to be back together once again. Getting back to relative normality – the fun has begun – so it’s time to love the hood that loves you back. It’s poised and excited to see you return.

This is a joint initiative by the following central Auckland business districts: UptownK RoadNewmarketParnellPonsonby, Heart of the City and Takapuna

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