Auckland’s First Ever Beach Mat Launches at Takapuna Beach

Auckland’s First Ever Beach Mat Launches at Takapuna Beach

The beach mat will be the first of its kind in Auckland, helping to make our beaches a more accessible space for everyone to enjoy this summer.

YES Disability Resource Centre and I-Lead working in collaboration with the Auckland Council and the disability Community, will be launching the laying of the first ever accessible beach mat to appear in Auckland on Saturday 5th of December, 2020 along Takapuna Beach.

‘We have always dreamed of Takapuna being the most accessible beach in Auckland” says Sonia Thursby, CEO of YES Disability Resource Centre. People who use wheelchairs, walkers and have mobility restrictions can now easily access our beautiful beach”

With 1 in 4  of New Zealanders living with some kind disability or impairment, it is a welcome addition to the North Shore and the wider Auckland Region.

This beach mat is not only helping to make the beach more accessible, but also paving the way for more mats being on more beaches, ultimately making for a more accessible New Zealand.

The mat will run along the side of the accessible playground, and across towards the ocean, helping to create a fully accessible experience for any looking to enjoy the water these summer holidays.

It will be a officially opened at Takapuna Beach on Saturday 5th December at 11.30am.

For more information on the beach mat and other awesome projects on accessibility and inclusion, please contact 09 414 5360.

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