Profile: EAT Street, 40 Hurstmere Road

Fortieth & Hurstmere is more than just a laneway – it’s a neighbourhood, and any good neighbourhood comes with different types of locals. When we built Fortieth & Hurstmere, we handpicked a selection of the best establishments to join our community.

Whether you’re after a spot of coffee in the morning, a bite to eat for lunch or somewhere to settle in for after work drinks and dinner. We’re sure you’ll find something that takes your fancy at Fortieth & Hurstmere.

Bird on a Wire:

Bird On A Wire was started by four friends with a simple goal; to feed the world better food. Hot free‐range rotisserie chicken, a large selection of fresh vegetarian salads, sumptuous sammies, burgers and sides are served from 11am – late each day. 

Bird on a Wire - Mr Hash Burger

Each evening, Bird On A Wire also offers a delicious catering service, creating bespoke menus for anything from boardroom meetings to wedding banquets. 

Bird is passionate about sustainability and community — it was Auckland’s first takeaway chicken store to use only free‐range chicken, it’s on a mission to be- come one of our City’s first waste‐free restaurants.

Burger Burger:

At Burger Burger we care deeply about quality – we want to provide good, fresh food and work with passionate people who care as much as we do. We love knowing where our food comes from and developing relationships with the people producing and sourcing it.

We truly believe food that is local and seasonal tastes better, and will always strive to support ethical, organic farming practices that protect this slice of paradise we call home, and the animals in it.

We serve delicious wine, for when you’re parched, thrifty or indecisive, and we recommend champagne with every burger, for the most delicious backwash you’ve ever tasted. We make old-fashioned shakes, and we play music all night long, because silence is boring.

We don’t keep hungry people waiting. We’ve never wrecked anybody’s overdraft. We’ll never tell anybody to keep it down and we’ll never stop anybody taking their burger home with them.

Dantes Pizza
Dantes Pizza

Kevin Morris and Enis Bacova’s team at Dantes are dedicated to creating award-winning, authentic, traditional wood fired pizzas and fresh pastas. Dantes is New Zealand’s only pizzeria to be granted membership into the prestigious culinary institute Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. 

The Pizzas are cooked in a traditional wood fired oven, handmade in Napoli, for just 90 seconds or less, but this is anything but fast food. The dough takes four days to make and each pizza is hand-stretched before topping the finest Italian and the freshest New Zealand ingredients.

Dantes pastas stick to the same values, using specially sourced ingredients for all their homemade pastas and sauces.

El Humero

El Húmero is the first traditional Colombian-style barbecue restaurant in New Zealand. From their flavourful fare, recipes and cooking methods, to the soon to arrive bona fide beverages and furniture, El Húmero offer an authentic taste of the multi-cultural South American country.

Mouthwatering meat dishes – from the sirloin to the short ribs and pork – are a labour of love; the cuts marinate in a time-honoured Colombian manner. Before either being cooked on an open fire to soak up the smoky flavours from the Manuka wood and charcoal, followed by time spent on the grill, or sizzling for four hours in a traditional wood fire oven. 

Glass Sushi Boutique
Glass Sushi

At Glass Sushi Boutique we present freshly served premium sushi, salads and dons made from high quality ingredients. We also offer our popular Sharing Platters for your special gatherings. The way fast food should be…

Come visit us in the Heart of Takapuna on Fortieth & Hurstmere Eat Street. Coupled with gorgeous courtyards to enjoy your meal or take a 5 minute walk to the beach and soak up the sea views. 

Taste is but one factor that determines the dish – visually, the mastery that goes into creating just one item is extraordinary and is a sight to behold. Choose what you want and know that it is made with love…

Poké Poké

Poké is a raw fish salad often served as an appetiser in Hawaiian cuisine. First, you select your base, then your protein, a sauce and your garnish. This is then served in a bowl for you to mix all together yourself. Poké Poké’s focus is on health, an IQ bowl includes salmon, seaweed and beans to promote healthy brain function, and features alongside bowls to support muscle building, weight loss and ailments.

The bowls allow for in-house dining, or the perfect takeaway option to take your bowl down to the ever-crowded, but very lovely, Takapuna Beach to enjoy. 

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