Bruce Mason Centre: The Worm

Date: April 5th, 2023

Where: Bruce Mason Centre

When a giant bird beak breaks through the ceiling and takes his mother away a little worm must go on an epic adventure to save her. 

However the journey to the surface is riddled with danger and takes the worm through a dark subterranean world full of empty streets and flea-bitten bars. He must dodge the sharp spade of the gardener, outsmart poisonous spiders and battle the ruler of the underworld, The Blind Rat and his henchman Snail. 

Featuring original music performed live by Carnivorous Plant Society and extraordinary design, acclaimed theatre company Nightsong (Mr Red Light, Te Pō) brings their trademark visual style to this delightfully surreal and anarchically absurd show that will entertain and enthral young and old alike.  

For adults aged seven and older. 

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