The Ice Cream is Melting - show at Bruce Mason Centre

Bruce Mason Centre: The Ice-Cream is Melting!

Date: August 8th, 2021

Where: Bruce Mason Centre

Auckland Live Pick & Mix is back!

Antarctic enthusiast Bonnie and younger sibling Nikau have been promised a special treat – everyone’s favourite – ice cream! But it’s a hot day and on the way back from the shops the unspeakable occurs: the ice cream begins to melt…

The Ice Cream is Melting!, part of Auckland Live’s Pick & Mix programme, is a silly, fun, and unique ice cream survival story told through the wonders and skills of circus arts transforming important issues around environmental change into a fantasia of fun.

The Dust Palace troupe of incredible performers utilises the innate joys of cyr wheel, aerial silks, aerial straps, contortion, chair stacking and more to fight their way through environmental issues to get the ice cream safely back into the freezer at home, ready for dessert.

Entry is free, but bookings are essential. Please only book the number of tickets that you intend to use.

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