Bruce Mason Centre: TGS presents – We Will Rock You

Date: May 6th, 2024 - May 8th, 2024

Where: Bruce Mason Centre

Takapuna Grammar School Presents “We Will Rock You”

The future is looking grim. The world has been taken over by Globalsoft and its ruthless leader, the Killer Queen. Hellbent on squashing every shred of original thought and creative music, Globalsoft has been systematically eliminating everyone and everything that stands in its way for centuries.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. A group of Bohemian misfits and rebels are fighting to claw back their freedom and identity…. if only they had a leader to help them do it!

Enter Galileo – our accidental hero who discovers his power to inspire and unite the Bohemians with the forgotten music of Queen.

But will the power of song be enough to overthrow the evil masters of this futuristic dystopia?

Join us at the Bruce Mason Centre to find out!

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