The Pumphouse Theatre:Mahua Improv Show

10 August 2019 - 11 August 2019 , .

Mahua Improv Show is the most renowned and popular Chinese Improv Comedy Show, using free dialogue, physical expression and performance skills to create unique improvised comedy, Mahua Improv’s enthusiasm and talent are celebrated in China and beyond…

In 2015, Mahua Fun Age introduced improvised comedy to China. Abandoning scripts and showcasing their quick thinking and unique performance skills, the group has developed an innovative comedy performance and training system known as Mahua Improv.

Mahua improvise impromptu scenes, characters, and plots based on the keywords provided by the audience. Mahua Improv is beneficial to people who would like to release pressure, express themselves, and inspire creativity.

*This event is in Mandarin.

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