VII Agency Photography Exhibition

02 June 2017 - 15 June 2017 , .

When: June 2- 15, during library hours
Where: Takapuna Library
Cost: Free

Auckland Festival of Photography presents a series of digital images featuring the world of leading international photojournalists from VII Agency.


Christopher Morris 
TIME sent photographer Christopher Morris to capture the US Presidential candidates’ rallies in slow motion. The surreal experience shows what the human eye can’t see and process in real time.
Using the Phantom camera, Christopher was able to record close to 1,000 frames per second, stretching seconds into minutes in experimental films that lie between still photography and video artistry.

Instagram: @christopher_vii


Linda Bournane Engelberth
South Wales Valleys, known locally as 'The Valleys', is the former industrial area of South Wales and is home to around 30 per cent of the Welsh population. It is also the poorest region in Wales. Despite receiving a high level of financial support from the EU, The Valleys recently voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit.
The Valleys had been a target of EU Regional Policy funding because its GDP was less than 75 per cent of the EU average. The effects of Brexit could have dire consequences for the region as a whole.

Instagram: @lindabournane


Danny Wilcox Frazier
Photographer and filmmaker Danny Wilcox Frazier focuses his work on marginalised communities across the United States. Frazier has photographed people struggling to survive the economic shift that has devastated rural communities throughout America, including in his home state of Iowa. His work acknowledges isolation and neglect while also celebrating perseverance and strength. He is a member of the VII Photo Agency.

Instagram: @dannywilcoxfrazier; Twitter: @wilcoxfrazier