Bruce Mason Centre: My Dad Wrote A Porno Live

15 August 2017 , 19.30

With more than 50 million downloads, smash-hit comedy podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno is headed to Auckland later this year in its live form.

Imagine if your dad wrote a dirty book. Most people would try to ignore it and pretend it had never happened - but not Jamie Morton. Instead, he decided to read it to the world. The hilarious result is a hit comedy podcast and now a stage show.

With the help of his friends, Cooper and BBC Radio 1's Levine, Jamie reads a chapter a week and discovers more about his father than he ever bargained for. Launching in 2015, the series has been a runaway success. The podcast has 50 million-plus downloads worldwide, and has become the number one podcast around the world. And its social media stats speak for themselves,  with more than 36,000 Twitter and 60,000 Instagram followers, and Facebook fans in excess of 22,000. My Dad Wrote A Porno is averaging 700,000 downloads weekly,  and has tallied more than 700 five-star reviews on iTunes.

The series is also not without its own celebrity endorsements including Elijah Wood, who is a massive fan.

Don’t miss this incredibly unique form of theatre when it tours New Zealand for the very first time in August.


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