The PumpHouse: Random Fairytale Generator - A New Tale Every Time

20 May 2021 - 21 May 2021 , .

Do you know all the fairytales already? Have you been watching Shrek over and over and saying, “Even this isn’t original enough for me anymore!”? Well, we’ve got the show for you! It’s Random Fairytale Generator!

Each night, Improverished will randomly generate a brand new fairytale, and then perform it, right before your very eyes! You’ll want to capture the story so you can tell it to your grandchildren in years to come, but you won’t be able to, because it’s Improv!

This is a new show that combines the familiar nostalgia of fairytales with the fun and spontaneity of Improv. Enthusiastic audience members will even have the opportunity to help generate the title of each night’s show using the amazing Random Fairytale Generating Machine.

Brought to you by Improverished, the delightful Improv group for young people who presented a Sold-Out season of their show Can I Get An Underground Location and a Mythical Creature at Fringe 2020

Come and see classic characters get revisited, and new stories get told. It’s a completely improvised show full of wisdom, magic, and silliness that’s a different tale every time.

“The audience… find the show highly entertaining, with the troupe eliciting raucous laughter and genuine investment in this short-lived story.” -Theatrescenes


For more information and to book, please visit The PumpHouse website, here.