The PumpHouse: The RVMES Lifetime Album Release Show

19 March 2021 , .

One of Auckland’s most eclectic bands on the scene, The RVMES, are coming to the beautiful amphitheater of The Pumphouse Theatre in Takapuna to kick off their third North Island tour and celebrate the release of their new album ‘Lifetime’

The RVMES take every genre into consideration and have based the essence of their band on the interesting, worldly and diverse since the moment of their genesis almost three years ago. Already having countless shows under their belt, these boys have firmly claimed this changing variety of sound as their own and want to share with you their newest release, live.

Brace yourselves for an energetic journey of everything from soul-blues, rock n’ roll through to spicy Middle Eastern European melodies.

Joining The RVMES and watching the sunset and the stars appear will without a doubt be a fond everlasting memory.

Not only that, leading up to The RVMES performance, nine-piece jazz/funk band, Big Tasty, will be opening up the evening. Just from their name, you can gather the setting will be delicious. With massive horn lines, spanky guitars, funky keys, and sultry vocals, this is exactly how a perfect night begins

And following straight afterward for the second act – FRED. An insanely catchy 5-piece band that’ll perk up your ears and eyes with a blend of soul/pop with soaring vocal melodies and spacy synth grooves – not to mention an amazingly colorful dress sense!

It’ll definitely be a night you’ll brag to your friends about!


For more information and to book, visit The PumpHouse website, here.