The PumpHouse: Aroha is a Māori

04 March 2021 - 06 March 2021 , .

It’s okay to be you. Come have a laugh and remember; being kind is cool.

Some conversations are hard to have, but often it is these conversations that yield the most insight. Kahurangi (performer) and Amaria (Director) are sisters who grew up on the North Shore of Auckland, their solo show is loosely based on their teenage lives and highlights what you miss when you stereotype.

While initially you may be forgiven for seeing Aroha as a somewhat irritating and ‘out of touch’ character, her wonderfully witty monologue draws you in and the show takes you through emotions both high and low.

When we break down barriers and encourage each other to be kind, we show strength in unity… you can be strong and kind.

The message is powerful and important; it’s ok to love yourself, it’s ok to be you.’

‘A thought-provoking delight. Kahu was so charming as Aroha. I could watch that show again and again and again’ – Thomas Sainsbury


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