Channel Magazine checks out Fortieth & Hurstmere's El Humero.

From the moment you walk into El Humero, you will feel the friendly, welcoming atmosphere which reflects the warmth of the Colombian people. This was the vision of the owners when they opened the first Colombian barbecue restaurant in New Zealand, nine months ago.

Esteban Erazo and Alejandro Garcia came to New Zealand six years ago and dreamed of opening a restaurant showcasing traditional Colombian food. Their dream started coming to life when they saw the plans for the Fortieth & Hurstmere laneway development in Takapuna three years ago. With the vibrant feel of a local neighborhood, they knew it would be the perfect location for their restaurant. 

Colombia is a geographically diverse country, with each region having its own characteristic dishes. Esteban and Alejandro wanted to focus on food from the Colombian plains, where most of the beef in Colombia is farmed. The core of the menu contains a succulent selection of meats which are cooked either in a traditional wood fired oven or an open fire pit. Only 100% natural wood and charcoal are used in the cooking process, and this imparts a delicious smokey flavour. The main course, 'Asado', or barbecue selection, includes costillas which are short beef ribs that have been slow cooked for 24 hours. El Humero pork is pork shoulder, roasted for six hours in the wood fired oven. Also available as mains are choices of marinated chicken breast, pork schnitzel and juicy beef steaks amongst others.