Takapuna Stylist Wins Top Award!

Our local stylist, Ruth Irwin, who has been working at Oscar & Co for the past 4 years, won HITO Trainer of the Year Award on this year's Industry event.

Following on from Oscar&Co's achievement last year of Apprentice of the Year, it proves Ruth has played a vital and outstanding part in training people at all levels in the industry. Ruth said “The hair industry is always changing, so it’s important to both teach foundation skills and relate them to current trends. I want to strengthen this industry that I love from the apprentice level up. I love the integrity HITO brings our industry and I know this award will help show everyone how committed I am to supporting young aspiring hairdressers”.

Judges and professionals from the industry said "Ruth is a dedicated, innovative trainer and it has been a long time since there has been someone participate in the industry so passionately and taken every opportunity given."

We are proud to have someone so dedicated and passionate about their career in our community.