St Patrick’s Day Hurstmere Road Hooley

“Shamrocks, Shillelagh’s & Shenanigans”

Saturday, March 17th marks the ninth year that Florrie McGreal’s Irish Pub, the Elephant Wrestler and the Master and Apprentice join forces to mark one of the biggest worldwide celebration, that being St Patrick’s Day.

The footpath outside the three venues becomes a sea of green as those with Irish heritage and those that just want to be Irish for the day revel to a mix of traditional and contemporary Irish music and dancers.

The day starts off at 8.00 am with a special Irish menu which is available right through until the mid-afternoon. This includes most of the typical Irish pub favourites, with the traditional Irish breakfast, black pudding and all, being the most popular.

Live music commences on the outside stage at 2.00 pm with performances from the Wild Clover Band, Bangers and Mash-Ups, Mixed Tape Brothers and Pat 4 President.

Colm McNeill-O’Keeffe, Manager of Florrie McGreal’s Irish Pub, a veteran of fifteen St Paddy’s Day celebrations, says it’s “grand’ being an Irishman in New Zealand on St Patrick’s Day but particularly pleasing has been watching the Hurstmere Road Hooley grow into the second biggest St Patrick’s Day event in Auckland.