Our favourite drinks on a sunny Takapuna day

Gather round, fellow summer lovers. Here at Takapuna Beach, we are still latching on our jandals and togs and we refuse to accept that summer is already over.

If you're like us, come on over and enjoy the beach with one of these drinks in hand for those perfect days when the sun is out and your only plan for the day is to relax.


1. Smoothies from Zomer

Healthy, delicious and refreshing. Pick your favourite smoothie between Zomer Smoothie, Summer Delight, Citcus Kick, and Energiser or try them all!

All the smoothies are made from fresh fruits and vegetables and apart from the honey in Zomer Smoothie which you can simply ask them to remove, their smoothies are vegan. This is the perfect drink for the health enthusiasts out there, although they're so yummy you'll still be loving it even if you're not.


We love iced coffee as much as the next caffeine addict out there but cold brew coffee is what's holding our fast beating hearts right now.
Unlike iced coffee, cold brew is never exposed to heat which leads to a smoother, mellower, and less bitter taste. The brewing process which takes 12 to 24 hours produces a rich, sweet, and bold coffee flavour with chocolatey hints. Find cold-brew coffee at the Ark Coffee to get your refreshing caffeine boost.


Overlooking a beautiful beach and Rangitoto, Regatta is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a fancy drink. The Spiced Nectarine Margarita is their latest cocktail that is a must try! This is made from poached nectarine, agave, Heradura Resporado, Cointreau and lemon juice. 

The nectarines have been simmered whole in water with star anise, cinnamon and cloves to create a stock. The poached fruit is removed from the stones after the liquid has been cooled. The fruit, along with the other ingredients, is blended with ice to create a sublime fruit cocktail with a silky texture complementing your palate with the perfect balance of sweet and sour.


For those after a sweet treat, try out the milkshakes at Burger Burger in Fortieth and Hurstmere. They have Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Strawverry Smash, and Owesome Orange and each one of them is worth a try (maybe just don't do it the same day) .
Keep an eye out for their limited edition #SpecialShakes which changes regularly, some of the special shakes they've had includes Pineapple Lumps, and Strawberry & Nutella. Yum.


5. Ice-cold beer

It's hard to beat a bottle of ice-cold beer on a warm day. Visit one of the bars in Takapuna with your mates. Good friends and good beer, what else do you need? Most Takapuna restaurants will be carrying your favourite beer brands and of course you can check out the different bars in Takapuna for those Friday night sessions.

What's your favourite drink to cool off? Let us know on social media @ilovetakapuna!