Home Fabrics was established  in a small store at Number 42 Hurstmere Road (now occupied by Clear Skin Care) in December 1958, almost 58 years ago. Within a year of starting the premises were doubled in size and 10 years later the business relocated to number 40 Hurstmere Road, the current location of Fortieth and Hurstmere. The rear or this building contained their own curtain and blind manufacturing plant. 

The business was purchased by the current owners , Gerald and Michael Sheehy in 1986. For 10 years it was located at number 26 Anzac St before returning to its present location in 2000.

“58 years is a long time to be in business,” says Michael Sheehy who manages the Takapuna store . “We are probably the only remaining business that actually paid to special rate to purchase the central carpark . As a result we feel a sense of ownership over the land and what happens to it”.

58 years also brings with it huge advantages, “we import a lot of our own product and  can easily tell the difference between a towel that will dry or, a sheet that will last . We know how Fabrics are likely to perform well and what won't. And because we still run our own workroom we still control the entire process from beginning to end.” 

Visit their website or drop by their store at 28 Hurstmere Road and the fantastic Home Fabrics team will be more than happy to help you.