Free Cone Day 2018 is coming!

Ben & Jerry’s serves Fans Fun, Flavours, and Free Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s fans can mark April 10 on their calendars as the 2018 Ben & Jerry-est day of the year: Free Cone Day!

For the past 40 years, Ben & Jerry’s has opened Scoop Shops for one day in April, to dish out free ice cream to fans, thanking them for being so uniquely awesome. The tradition has continued to grow, beginning in Vermont, and now spanning across the globe.

Kiwi Fans are invited to Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops located in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington from 12pm-8pm on Tuesday April 10 to join in on the company’s long-time tradition of thanking fans through delicious ice cream!

"Free Cone Day is a highlight of the Ben & Jerry’s year, and we’re stoked that we can bring it to even more Kiwis in 2018 with the recent opening of the Sylvia Park, Hamilton and Wellington Scoop Shops,” says Kent Hildred, Ben & Jerry’s Communications Manager ANZ. “We didn’t want Wellington fans to miss out, so we decided to extend our pop-up Civic Square Scoop Shop especially for Free Cone Day.”

Ben & Jerry’s advocates for social causes like marriage equality and climate justice, and makes their ice cream in the best way possible, which includes sourcing Fairtrade and non-GMO ingredients all while continuing to deliver on the chunky and funky flavours fans have grown to love and expect. So the biggest question is, which flavour will you have on Free Cone Day?

Visit to find Free Cone Day at a Scoop Shop near you.

The Takapuna Ben & Jerry Scoop Shop is located at Channel View Road in front of the Takapuna Beach Playground. Click HERE to view the location in Google Maps.

Source: Press Release - Ben & Jerry's. 04 April 2018. Image Credit: Ben & Jerry's; Spark PR and Activate.