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Biddie launched Tuesday Label three years ago, and 18 months ago opened a pop-up shop in 40th & Hurstmere in Takapuna. She then shifted the business to Milford – and has now made the shift back to Takapuna, rebranded simply as tuesday. Biddie talked to Christine Young (Channel Magazine) about her fashion philosophy, and her delight in being back in Takapuna.

“I’ve been in the fashion industry my whole life. My parents were in the industry before me so fashion is in my blood. With tuesday I really wanted to create a beautiful brand that could be worn everyday – that inspires women to be the best version of themselves.

“There’s such power in a great dress - if we look good we feel good, which in turn gives us confidence - let’s not save that for special occasions!

“I’m inspired to design pieces with the versatility to take us anywhere - from a day at home to meetings in the office, from supermarket shopping to a night out. Fabrics, colours, and prints are forefront of mind and I spend the majority of my time ensuring they can be mixed and matched with ease – nothing happens by accident.

“I also love looking to international fashion movements and trends. Like any industry it’s important to know what’s going on at a global level.”

Biddie says that tuesday's style is ageless. “It’s all about how you want to feel. If you want to feel your best every day, then tuesday is for you. And it’s not about being dressed to the nines or always clomping about in heels either. You can absolutely wear a pretty dress with sneakers or flats. I promise you, the effect on your mind is the same. 

“We constantly receive feedback from women who wear tuesday saying how amazing they feel in our pieces. They get compliments all the time (from strangers even!) and their confidence goes through the roof. 

“There’s power in that. There’s magic in that.”

Biddie says the newly released winter collection is “all of our favourite things in one place: florals, spots, stripes, embroidery anglaise, coats, suits, faux fur and knitwear. For this season I wanted lots of warm layering options in natural fibres. So there’s snuggly merino jumpers, lush cashmere roll-necks, and striking wool blend coats. 

“And of course it wouldn’t be tuesday without our hand-picked prints and carefully curated colours. The dream bouquet fabric is an absolute standout, as is the silky satin animal print. Colour-wise I’m loving our tangelo orange and our luxe pink, especially with neutrals. 

“Everything can be dressed up or down; layered with tights, jumpers, and jackets; or simply matched back with jeans.”

Biddie’s fabrics are sourced, and garments are made, in China. She has worked with China for more than 15 years now and has a handful of “lovely factories that I use for tuesday who are like family. I go there twice a year every year to source fabrics and check on production, and they come visit me about every 12-18 months. They are capable women running teams of skilled and knowledgeable men and women.

“I’ve met their families; they’ve met mine. I’ve been inside their homes; they’ve been to mine. We share meals together, go sightseeing together, swap gifts for our children, go to the supermarket together, you name it. It’s a rewarding working relationship.”

Biddie’s thrilled to be back in Takapuna. “It’s my local hub, I know it well and love all that it has to offer. We’re in the thick of Hurstmere Road right beside The Commons and I’m really excited to witness all the new development that’s still to come for the area. 

“The community is wonderfully different here. Sometimes I think we take it for granted - but it’s so friendly and relaxed – the locals, the businesses, we all just want that carefree beach lifestyle. We’ve had so many people pop in to say hi and welcome us to the neighbourhood. I feel like we’re where we belong.”

tuesday, 21 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna

Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm; Sat-Sun 10am-5pm

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By: Christine Young

via Channel Mag, Issue 100 July 2019.