Retail Spotlight: Andrea Moore

Opening in December last year, we are so happy to have Andrea Moore in Takapuna! Located at 21 Hurstmere Road, pop by to see the team and upgrade your wardrobe or purchase a signature piece or two for your collection.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Andrea Moore has always had a strong desire to bring fashionable garments for the New Zealand market. Andrea takes pride in the quality materials her garments are made from and she has a close-knit team passionate about "dressing fascinating women who live their lives to the full."

Which is why it is great to have them in town! Takapuna, with its development into a true centre of activity and ever-growing community of fashion houses, is the perfect place for the brand. Plus, Takapuna has such an abundance of unique and fascinating women who live every day to the fullest: from trailblazing businesswomen, super mums, to all the ladies that help make our community better, Andrea Moore fits right in.

All their prints are designed, considered, Original and Layered, and with the goal of bringing more choices to trendy, unique women; “when you buy a piece of Andrea Moore clothing you can be sure you are buying from a family business that works very hard to bring you a great choice of clothes."

Check out in-store all their new arrivals for this season. You can also check out their new look and mobile friendly website HERE and see what they have on offer.