Medical Services

Takapuna Beach is home to a number of medical professionals ensuring that residents and visitors can find the best care they can get. The North Shore Hospital can be found in Shakespeare Road and is a mere 6-minute drive or a 10-minute bus ride from Takapuna Beach Centre. You can find detailed information on the healthcare services and care that the hospital provides here. In Takapuna Beach Centre, you can find dentists, optometrists, GPs, physiotherapists, and even those providing alternative medical services such as acupuncture or chiropractic. You can also find a number of pharmacies in Takapuna Beach including Unichem Takapuna Pharmacy and Takapuna Clinic Pharmacy in Hurstmere Road, Takapuna Day & Night Pharmacy along Lake Road, and Life Pharmacy in Shore City. 


Personal Services

Pamper yourself and feel your best at one of our businesses offering visitors a wide range of personal services. Whether you are thinking of getting a tattoo, wanting to give those nails some love, in need of a tailor-made suit, or getting ready to hit the beach and need a wax, head on over to Takapuna Beach and find who you need. We have everything from skincare professionals to weight loss experts and so much more! If sweating and moving your body make you feel at your most healthiest and beautiful, check out our Outdoors & Active section to see the different activities you can do in Takapuna Beach.

Check out our directory to see a full listing of medical and personal services available in Takapuna Beach.