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ST01 , Shore City
Como Street cnr Anzac Street Takapuna

09 486 3146

Hello there! We won't spend too much time telling you about how we been in Business 10 years and have served our Loyal Customer base faithfully, but we have! What we will tell you is what our driving commitment to you is, and that is this

To bring you the Industries best and most genuine products! You won't see any Generic branding of our own cheap, make-up brand, or us selling it to you at prices on par with established global and trusted American ones! If we sold shoes, we would not expect you to buy, let alone pay the same price as Nike's, for an Imported Warehouse type brand. All our product lines you will find have a strong presence at big events such as the IFBB Olympia contests and Expo's. We encourage you to do your own research! Always buy the 'Real Thing'!
To bring you these 'Best Brands' at the BEST prices, delivered to you in the most efficient and fastest manner!
To provide you the best and most helpful service in assisting you with your buying, product deciding, and all good information in this regard! But overall, we are here to keep you Happy! We want your first purchase to be the start of a long term partnership!
BodyPro offers Sports Nutrition Supplements for Athletes from many a Sporting path, and anyone just wanting to make a Healthy transition and improvement. We have a huge selection. We sell products from Australia and New Zealand's most trusted Authorized Importer, Nutrition Systems Limited. We stock the world's best brands like Inner Armour, Gaspari, Musclepharm, Muscletech, and more, just to name a few. We provide instant and secure online purchases for you and do Next day delivery, for all orders made during week days before 12.00 pm. In any event, there are no hard and fast rules and if you need something fast, give us a call on our 0800 line and let us see what we can do! Anyhow, that's our About Us Spiel! If you need to know anything further, don't be shy to get in touch! We are all very friendly and helpful!

The BodyPro Team!