The Pumphouse Theatre- Shoreside: Auckland Shakespeare In The Park

18 January 2020 - 15 February 2020 , 19.30 - 22.30

Now in our 24th season, Shoreside Theatre’s Auckland Shakespeare in the Park is presented by a company of professional and community actors, production crew, enthusiasts and supporters with the aspiration to stage real Shakespeare.

Offering two plays on alternate nights, this season offers up two firm favourites - As You Like It and Macbeth. Performed as the sun sets at the outdoor Amphitheatre beside The Pumphouse, it really is a special night out at the theatre.

'As You Like It' - follows our heroine Rosalind as she flees persecution in her uncle’s court by masquerading as a young man and heading for the leafy forest of Arden. Accompanied by her cousin Celia and the witty jester Touchstone, the group encounter a variety of memorable characters, notably the melancholy traveler Jacques and Orlando, another banished youth who is infatuated with Rosalind! Disguised Rosalind sets about to woo her love, without revealing her true identity.

'Macbeth' - a highly respected war hero and much loved amongst his noble friends, strikes a bargain with the devil when the seed planted by a prophecy throws his mortality into the spotlight and inflames his ambition. Spurred on by his calculating and determined wife, he embarks on a campaign of brutality beginning with the murder of the Scottish King whose throne he seizes, to his best friend Banquo, to the wife and young son of his fellow Thane, Macduff. As his friends and loyal subjects abandon him, wracked with increasing paranoia and guilt and goaded by the witches, he and his wife are consumed by his heart-breaking choices.

Season runs from Saturday January 18th to Sunday February 15th, 2020

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