Bruce Mason Centre: Seasons

25 June 2021 , .

Capital E National Theatre for Children remounts Seasons, one of the most popular theatre productions from its 22-year repertoire.

Beautifully crafted, Seasons transports children through song, music, and puppetry into the four seasons – raumati, ngahuru, hōtoke, and kōanga.

Journey into nature’s world of living creatures, colours, and sounds.   

Directed by Jacqueline Coats, the 2021 version of the show features Peter Wilson’s original story with music by Laughton Pattrick, and a new, visually stimulating design.  

Capital E is honoured to be touring Seasons in memory of Peter Wilson (Writer of Seasons and Founding Director of Capital E National Theatre for Children) and Laughton Pattrick (Composer of Seasons).

Performers: Mia Alonso-Green, Flora Dryburgh, Dominic Flanagan.


For more information and to book, please visit the Bruce Mason Centre website, here.