Ramen Lab

Ramen Lab, 8, Huron Street, Takapuna, Auckland

Come and enjoy our delicious Ramen, Japanese noodle dishes served with meats or fish broth often flavoured with soy sauce or miso and extra toppings such as sliced pork (chashu), dried sea weed (noril),kamaboko, green onions and occasionally corn. Every region in Japan has its own Ramen flavour and we specialize in the best dishes.

Also our large helping of Donburi,(rice bowls) that are filled with fresh ingredients simmered and stewed in our special sauces. These Donburi’s will satisfy your hunger while giving you an explosion of flavour.

Come try our Japanese Udon dishes that are considered to be national dish and here at Sora Ramen we prepare fresh and on the spot making sure our quality is foremost in mind.

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